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The story of my life...

Just 4 years ago, I was what is called a dreamer. 



I imagined what my life would look like if I was rich. 



What I could build, trips to the other side of the world, luxury cars, or anything else you can imagine. 



The rest of the time, I just stood there, like the others, accepting my life as it is. 



Not wanting to get up in the morning to start the day. 



Accepting that I was going to work for 40 years to make someone else's dreams come true so that I could have a poor 15 years of retirement. 



I felt like I was not living my life. 


I haved no control.


But by dint of dreaming, a desire was born. 



A desire to be free. 



I wanted to travel. 



Be happy to starting my day. 



And above all, to work for my dreams and ambitions. 



I wanted to give meaning and values to my work. 



These were my deepest desires and my real life plans. 



Even if it seemed abstract for some, utopian for others or even unrealizable for most... I knew I could make it happen...



After all, if some of us could do it... Why can't I? 



So I started to find out. 



I searched as much as I could to understand how to get there. 



The solution was clear. 



I had to become an entrepreneur 



But entrepreneurship is not so easy when you are only 17 years old. 



But you know what. 



I did it anyway. 



The motivation was there and the goals were clear: make my dreams come true...



...Prove to myself and others that I could do it. 




That it is possible. 



Filled with motivation and ambition by all these new ideas, I wanted to seek support from my family... 



... But I ran right into a wall.



I was confronted with the harsh reality of the world we live in: 



They all told me I was just a dreamer, 



That if I want to succeed in life, I need to have a degree and a "real" job. 



But I didn't stop at their opinions. 



For me it didn't make sense to listen to the advice of people who didn't achieve what I wanted to achieve.



It wasn't even a question, I HAD to succeed. 



So I started taking online training courses  made by people who achieved what I wanted to achieve. 



For days, weeks and months I learned. 



I developed skills. 



Then one day, I tried my first e-commerce site. 



I failed. 


A second one, 


I failed.


A fifth 


I failed. 



But despite the fact that I didn't get anywhere, I learned a lot with each failure. 



And you know what? I was determined. 



Even if it meant sacrificing the next few years of my life trying. 



That's all that mattered to me. 



So at 18 I made a decision that would change the rest of my life...



I drop out of college.



To give myself every chance to finally succeed...



... I had to put all my energy and time into my projects even if it meant disappointing those around me.... 



... To be seen as a loser with no future,.



At this stage neither my family, my father, my mother or my friends believed in me... 



There was only a handful of people who sincerely believed in me. 



It was certainly the price to pay, but if I wanted to succeed, it was now or never.



So in 2018, I launched my web marketing agency. 



"FortX Marketing" 


It was a fresh start. 



I felt invisible. 



Success was just inches away from my hand. 



But I came up against the reality of things again: 



Entrepreneurship is difficult. 



I couldn't get a client... 



So I had to find a part-time job as a delivery men. 



It was frustrating and humiliating. 



I was supposed to be able to make my dreams come true, but all I had managed to get was a series of failures. 



At that point, I was scared. 



I was afraid I would never succeed. 



I was afraid that I was wasting my life. 



I was afraid of how other people would look at my failures.



What if those around me are right? 



What if it wasn't meant for me? 


It was the moment that I felt the lowest in my life...



…. But there was always that spark of the beginning in me... 



Then this spark is transformed into a blazing inferno of passion and motivation. 



I made a promise to myself: no matter how many failures and no matter how many doors will close on me... 


I would NEVER give up. 



We only have one life to live, one chance to make these dreams come true. 



So why not take it? 



So I continued to train. 



I worked harder and smarter. 



Until the day when FINALLY. 



I got two web design contracts in one day. 



It was the best moment of my life. 



I finally got confirmation that it is possible. 



Then from that moment on, I had regular new clients coming to me.



And I started other projects. 



Today, I am proud to say that I am succeeding, but...



... Over time, I learned something. 



I have learned that the most beautiful thing in all this is not the money and luxury that you earn. 



The most beautiful is the freedom you acquire, the new people you meet and the fulfillment you get from your work. 



That's since I became entrepreneur...



...That I have had meets the most meaningful people in my life.



That I can't wait to get up every morning to enjoy this freedom and this new life without limits. 



I have finally been able to stop suffering my life... Now I'm enjoying my life. 



Today I'm here trying to inspire other young people to push their limits and make their dreams come true... 


How about you? How far are you willing to go to make your dream come true?...

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